A revolution in healthcare beginning in your microbiome

While most look outside for help in feeling better, science is increasingly showing the answer lies within. You have trillions of microbes inside your gut that may hold the secret to improving your health. That’s why we’re using the most advanced AI technology to make personal microbiome profiling easy to access, understand, and apply.

Our microbiome discovery platform offers next generation gut health testing, personalized recommendations and the tools to ensure you can implement them

Jona Microbiome Testing kit - delivered to your door

Access to 1:1 nutrition coaching

Personalized recommendations on diet and lifestyle​

Deep sequencing of your microbiome that analyzes bacteria, fungus, viruses, protists, archaea and pathogens

Comprehensive report using AI to summarize the thousands of microbiome studies that have associated your microbiome with conditions and symptoms

Is Jona right for you?

Do you have recurrent symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, gas, or bloating and want to figure out the root causes and alleviate them?

Are you diagnosed with GI or autoimmune conditions like IBD or IBS and want to better manage your symptoms and life?

Do you want to feel more energized, improve your nutrition balance, improve athletic performance, extend longevity and optimize your health?

Jona is the first health technology company to interpret and make use of the microbiome with modern Artificial Intelligence in multiple ways:


We developed Large Language Models (a type of AI) that “read” the entire medical and scientific literature about the microbiome and integrate this knowledge, while continually keeping up with new publications.


Our Generative AI synthesizes that knowledge into a personalized interpretation of an individual’s microbiome data that is understandable, actionable and extensively sourced from the underlying literature.


Jona’s AI will enable user interactivity, microbiome visualization and the generation of personalized recipes, meal plans and programs to guide members.