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We know one provider cannot digest the entire scientific and clinical literature on the microbiome. That's why we exist. Partner with Jona to offer your patients the best solution in microbiome profiling and analysis to provide actionable solutions to their health concerns.


The microbiome has been shown to underpin many aspects of human health and disease, yet it's so complex and the science is moving so rapidly that it is difficult for even the most knowledgeable providers to interpret test results.

Jona is at the forefront of revolutionizing microbiome profiling into a more meaningful clinical practice for you and your patients. We enhance your clinical expertise with the published medical and scientific literature on the microbiome, making our reports backed by science and powered by AI. Our easy-to-interpret report provides personalized recommendations to your patients so you can provide the care that they need.

Our microbiome profiling platform empowers providers and patients through:

Advanced Testing

The microbiome contains more than bacteria and increasing literature has shown that fungus (for example, yeasts), viruses and other organisms play an important role in health. Jona provides deep shotgun sequencing of the microbiome to assess all these organisms down to a strain level. All tests use metagenomic sequencing of the microbiome including bacteria, viruses, and fungus, and pathogens.

Transparents Findings

Instead of a long list of bacteria or an arbitrary gut score, all the information in our interactive report is deeply sourced and transparently determined so that the provider can not only know what to recommend, they can understand why.

Actionable Results

Our interactive reports provide interpretable actionable results based on the scientific and medical literature. Unique data visualizations of the microbiome help monitor how patients' microbiome is changing over time with repeated profiling.

Up-to-date Science

New findings about the microbiome emerge daily. As new scientific evidence is published, we provide monthly updates to reports with new associations beyond GI.

Who can benefit from Jona microbiome profiling?


Patients who want to understand and manage their symptoms like gas or bloating.


Patients who want to optimize their general health and longevity.


Patients who want to optimize their diet and understand their food sensitivities.


When your patient joins Jona you both have access to their report, with findings being shared with you first. Our personalized summary of the scientific literature helps relate their microbiome with different conditions, symptoms, food sensitivities, lifestyle and optimal diets to aid in your diagnosis and personalized care plan. With all reports in one place, you can monitor their microbiome over time to see what is working.

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We would love to journey into the microbiome with you. Jona offers a Microbiome Kit + AI-Powered Analysis to help you care for your clients.

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